Letters to the Editor

Thanks for passage of cremains bill

The H. 3921 cremains bill was signed and took effect on May 15. It allows funeral homes and mortuaries to turn over for proper burial cremains (cremated remains) that have been sitting unclaimed in funeral homes and mortuaries for several years without liability. There have been unclaimed remains all over the country in funeral homes for years. Veterans organizations realized the problem several years ago and went about burying these veterans. Most funeral homes would not release them without authorization of a family member and there were none or they would not come forward. Now they cannot be held liable for releasing these veterans’ remains to one of the many veterans service organizations or government agencies that will see to proper burial with honor, respect and dignity.

Some of these men and women may have died of injuries suffered in conflicts but they all swore an oath to do what was necessary to protect the American way of life that we share today. We would like to express our appreciation to Sen. Ray Cleary and Rep. Nelson Hardwick.

The writer, public relations officer for American Legion Riders Post 178, lives in Murrells Inlet.