Letters to the Editor

Hardwick not working for us

Nelson Hardwick is a bully. His campaign is funded by a multitude of big, out of state corporations and special interest PACs. He authored a bill to restrict the ability of citizen groups to sue for enforcement of state regulations. Recently he supported a bill which takes the decisions of where Horry County waste should be hauled, and where landfills and transfer stations should be located, from Horry County to board rooms in Raleigh, Houston and Phoenix.

By supporting H. 4721 on the basis of free enterprise he is striking a blow to his own county’s Home Rule and its decisions, which are made more transparent by public debate and comment through citizen participation. The “Freedom for Business to Choose Act” is a guise for businesses to make public policy decisions for you and me. This is bullying. By some estimates, the “three kings” of the waste industry have spent over a million dollars in Columbia attempting to write new laws after losing in the State Supreme Court over the right to direct the flow of garbage in this county. Garbage control – like waste water control – is a public utility and should be treated as such.

Horry County has made responsible, long range plans for the handling of waste within its borders. It has taken up recycling to help reduce the amount of garbage which is buried in its landfill. It is keeping trash from out of state from coming into our landfill. Keep out of state special interest groups out of local government. Make a plan to replace Nelson Hardwick with a candidate who will listen to local citizens and represent our interests in Columbia.

Rod Smith is that candidate. Rod has integrity. He has served on Horry County’s Solid Waste Authority board and currently sits on the Town Council for Surfside Beach. He wants to preserve Home Rule and wants local citizens to have input in public policy. Vote for Rod Smith to represent House District 106 on June 12.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.