Letters to the Editor

Young people, our vote counts

The opening of the 7th Congressional District seat comes at no greater time. America is in a tough spot and in need of a hard working, honest, morally stable individual willing to put the people above his own agenda. The person who best fits this description is local resident and candidate Tom Rice.

As a recent college graduate, my peers and I are being denied many opportunities that others have had in previous years. It’s time that young people get involved and take a stand. Tom Rice is a family man with three sons and knows firsthand what it is like for us young people to have dreams of moving into a career that we have worked hard for. Yet one out of every three college graduates are currently unemployed, thus throwing them deeper into debt.

Tom Rice has proved his dedication as Horry County Council chairman, where he has taken the unemployment rate head on. He has made long strides in bringing more jobs to the area. His background in accounting is what we need to improve our economic situation and help get our young people back on their feet. The young people are the future of this country; through our development and hard work we can see this country back on track. Young people, we are educated, we are dedicated, we have worked hard. I encourage you to take action and vote for someone who will work hard for us.

My vote will go to Tom Rice on June 12.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.