Letters to the Editor

Welfare programs will pull economy under

Re April 18 letter by Daniel Zamos, “Social welfare good for the economy”

Mr. Zamos needs to get his facts straight. Sweden, Norway and Denmark do have generous social welfare programs, but Germany does not. Unlike Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark are not that prosperous. The United Kingdom did have a very socialistic generous social welfare program that resulted in their economy tanking but they have awakened and are doing everything to rectify the problem before they end up like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Our economy is in as bad a shape as it can be thanks to the New Deals like “Home Ownership should be a right and not a dream you work toward.” This was shoved down on us by the likes of Barney Frank, Christopher Dodd and John Kerry. This New Deal is directly responsible for most of the current problem with the housing market.

Currently almost 48 percent of Americans do not pay any taxes and of those almost 50 percent receive each year a gift from the federal government called Earned Income Credit. No country can survive and prosper for long when the number not paying taxes reaches 50 percent.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach and Lexington.