Letters to the Editor

Vote Paul Peterson back on school board

Rarely do I feel so strongly about a candidate that I seek to offer a public letter of appeal on their behalf, but I would like to ask my fellow Horry county neighbors to seriously consider Paul Peterson in the upcoming election. So many people I speak to have such strong feelings about the national candidates but hardly know the local representative. This is a shame, for it allows the potential for elections to become a simple popularity race. The fact that the primary will be held on June 12, a time when most of us are more concerned with summer activities, makes it imperative for us to be proactive and vote for the candidate that will best serve our community.

Paul Peterson is a former professor of mine. Without his guidance and understanding, I feel that I would not have graduated. At the time, I had a small child and few childcare options. His understanding and patience for those endeavoring to better themselves through education are precisely the qualities one should seek in a representative. My husband and I have sought his advice for issues pertaining to our children who are now students and we’ve always found him to be responsive and knowledgeable. Many people feel they have few champions in their government, this is refreshing. These qualities are what make him such a great member of the school board. I ask that Horry County residents find the time to make it to the polls and vote for the candidate with a proven track record.

The writer lives in Conway.