Letters to the Editor

S.C. voter fraud has never been documented

Mr. Bill Hill’s May 20 letter, “ID protects, not suppresses, vote,” makes all the right-wing arguments about voter fraud but, like the right-wingers who gave South Carolina this law, provides no documentation of voter fraud ever occurring in this state. In fact, the latest report I saw from the state of South Carolina cited one incident of a vote coming from a dead person but, when checked out, that apparently resulted when a voter died between the date he cast an absentee ballot and the date of the election.

It seems to me that when a South Carolina citizen registers to vote and receives their voter registration document that should be the only ID they ever need to show at the polls. If the legislature wants a photo ID, let them cough up the money necessary to place a photo on the voter registration document as well as a plan for getting the photos of all currently registered voters.

When a citizen registers to vote, that act should provide them with everything they need to exercise their right to vote. Voting should not require any other ID or document other than your Voter Registration Card.

It seems to me the biggest fraud in this whole controversy may very well be the unverified claims by the right-wing that voter fraud even exists in South Carolina.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.