Letters to the Editor

Focus on what's really broken

I am not as smart as the farmers from Loris or some of the transplants from Pawleys Island who apparently knows everything there is to running the government and almost everything else worth knowing. In fact, I am a poor dumb country boy that grew up in Florence and has spent more time in tobacco fields than I care to remember.

I also worked for the federal government for nearly 35 years and am now seeing the same things I saw then. Let's use smoke and mirrors to point to another direction if things get tough in the state. What's broken? When we cannot or will not do what is needed, we look for a diversion so we can distract the masses.

Here is a case in point. The wonderful state of South Carolina introduces a bill that will insist that law enforcement be required to check to see if suspects are here legally. The rate of illegal immigrants has decreased yet we want to make them "public enemy No. 1" as a diversion from the lack of taking care of business of the state.

Even the desperate knows that the laws are not necessary and law enforcement does not have the resources to check IDs of everyone and still fight crime. The news reports that there is a 17 percent drop in illegal immigrants in the state because of the downturn in the economy.

Instead of trying to solve some of the many real problems in this state, we go after the illegal immigrants. If you cannot find a job here why come or stay here? Why the grandstanding by our good state officials in the Statehouse? What's broken?

The next thing we seem to be concerned about is pictures on voter ID cards. What's broken? We have a very hard time now getting people out to vote so let's discourage the ones that bother to go out and vote by finding a problem that I am unaware even exists. (By the bye, these are the same people who have lawfully used their family bible in lieu of birth certificates to prove their existence. Now they need picture IDs?)

How about same sex maniage? Are we being overrun with deviation and sin? Did we just start noticing that there are homosexuals in the world? Is there a problem? What's broken?

I am more concerned with decent schools, better jobs and affordable safe housing. State govermment should provide public safety, safe highways and those things citizens cannot provide to themselves. No more, no less.

If we continue to bury our heads in the sand and believe in the smokescreens, the wool will always be pulled over our eyes. As long as we keep sending back career politicians, we will get exactly what we deserve.

The writer lives in Georgetown.