Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Motown party

Obama needs to get back to work

Motown at the White House. Gosh, isn't this a great way for the president to enjoy the carefree relaxing job of president of the United States. I wonder if the nagging concerns that we face - high gas prices or the high unemployment - are bothersome concerns to President Obama? Looking at his gleeful soiree at the White House during black history month I would believe not.

Mr. Obama is enjoying the good times while the United States swims in record debt, high unemployment, a possible government shutdown, inflation that is creeping up and the outbreak of turmoil throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

There is no leadership coming from the Obama administration. Where are our elected office holders who should be looking into these outlandish gas price hikes? In the past when gasoline prices or profits soared, Democrats like Schumer, Reid, Boxer and Levin screamed and demanded an investigation of possible price fixing. Today, legislators are quiet and mute, not a peep from any of them Republicans nor Democrats.

A solution is to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and encourage drilling within the U.S. Is there no leadership to halt this outrage?

John E. Bonsignor

Myrtle Beach

u.s. reserves

Opening oil stores short-sighted

To curb the rise in oil prices, Mr. Obama is singing the same old tune - open the U.S. oil reserves. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, does not work!

It does not take a genius, which is why he is president, to determine that this action only kicks the can down the road again. The birth rate is higher than the death rate, which means a greater need for energy, water, food, shelter, transportation and clothing. A vehicle is no good without gas, electricity or roads. Lights, appliances and computers are no good without electricity. Sooner or later the Earth will not be able to sustain its infestation of humans.

I don't have the answers but I do know that it is ludicrous to keep doing the same things over and over when presented with the same circumstances. We do not need managers in the White House and Congress, we need bold leaders who are willing to think out of the box and who are willing to make the difficult choices. A citizenry of hard working givers and sacrificers and less takers would also go a long way in solving our nation's problems too.

Bruce D. Rutherford


National Anthem

Time to change the country's tune

Re previous letters about the national anthem:

The national anthem does need to be changed! There has been controversy about that for many years. Just think, bombs bursting in air? No wonder there is never any peace!

"My Country 'Tis of Thee" is good, as is "God Bless America." However there are certain people that would never allow God in the song. Therefore I suggest that our national anthem should be "America the Beautiful." Also, any of the above songs would be so much easier for people to sing.

We want change? Let's begin with our national anthem.

Molly Rosetto

Myrtle Beach

Visa requirements

Europe has right idea on integration

Re "Italy requires Italian from its immigrants," March 6 story:

There comes a time when we the people of "the greatest country in the world" might want to follow in the footsteps of some of the other civilized countries.

Italy has now made it mandatory for permanent visa seekers to prove that they can read, write, and converse in the language of their country. This article also stated that Austria has the same requirements. My daughter living in Germany must also learn the language and pass a written and verbal test (within two years of moving into the country) to remain there, even though she is married to a national.

It seems rather strange that this country doesn't have this requirement but is willing to accommodate most languages (ie. driver's license tests, applications for work and even "Press 1 for English" on the phone).

Just wondering, what's wrong with this picture?

W. F. Schreiber