Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Public safety

Concealed gun bill ludicrous

Re House Bill 3292, relaxing South Carolina's concealed weapons law:

Why hasn't the media given this bill more attention? Let's have a reporter do some digging.

By law, our elected representatives bring guns into the Statehouse parking garage. Not accountable voting - again. As I recall, they reasoned that they could go hunting after the sessions without going home.

Why do we need this bill? Who wants to spend their family vacation in fear of getting shot? Why should our residents be trapped in their own homes?

Lawmakers, stand up and be counted. I'd like to know who favors this bill and why?

Don't let our beautiful state become a haven for gangs, criminals, weapon depots, etc. Common sense should prevail.

We voted you into office and we will remember your vote at election time. Perhaps that is why you have not passed the lawmakers accountability vote.

Patricia M. LaFlam

Surfside Beach


Please return the cart from yard

To the person who took my yard cart recently:

I know the cart was tempting, sitting on Laurel Street in Conway with a green box full of recycling material. And I know the load was heavy when you lifted the green box out of the wooden cart, which is exactly why I use the cart - I can no longer lift and carry a full box to the curb. But the cart was not being disposed of, and the recycling guys knew that. They'd been picking up material from that cart for years on Elm Street.

So please bring my cart back. I use it for gardening, for yard cleanup, and for other work. It's just a simple old rectangular wooden cart, open at one end, with an aluminum handle and two wheels, but it's sturdy, it's been in my family for about 30 years and i am rather attached to it. I also need it for yard work and recycling, so please return it. I'd be so grateful.

Liz Gilland


Red tape

Why can't the state keep papers straight?

I have now experienced first hand the incompetency of one of our state bureaus and the sheer waste of key resources which as a state employee angers me.

I was visited by a South Carolina state trooper due supposedly to the suspension of my South Carolina Motor Vehicle License. In December, I changed my automobile insurance carrier for all three of my Honda Accords. In early January, I received notification from the S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles that my insurance coverage had been canceled and that I had to inform the department of any new coverage. Within a few days, I received additional notification to ignore the earlier notices.

All correspondence was in regard to my 2006 and 2009 Honda Accords, but nothing in regard to my 2001 Honda Accord. All three cars are on the same insurance policy. In January, I received my application for registration renewal for my 2001 Honda Accord and a request for proof of insurance. I included a copy of my new insurance certificate with my application and duly received my renewal registration and sticker.

So I am now at a complete loss to understand this action by the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend my license, and I don't understand why a visit by a trooper was necessary. I would have thought that our state police had more important matters to take care of. I have lived in 10 different states and have always had complete automotive insurance coverage but have never encountered a situation quite like this one. And we wonder why South Carolina has problems.

Stuart C. Cohen

Myrtle Beach