Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


GOP criticism unsurprising

Re March 6 letter, "Partisan essay topic wrong for education:"

There's an old saying: "Consider the source." I was surprised to read in today's Sun News a letter to the editor from Susan Rovner criticizing our Democratic Women's Council Scholarship program.

Yes, we're giving $3,000 in scholarships to the winners of this year's essay contest and yes, we, Democratic women raise the money (and have for five years) and yes, we want to help students who support and believe in the principles of the Democratic Party.

With a quick Google search of the writer's name, I found her to be active in the Waccamaw Neck Republican Club and a resident of Georgetown County. I encourage Ms. Rovner and her club to get busy and raise money to help Georgetown County Republican students.

Sally P. Howard

Myrtle Beach

The writer is president of the Democratic Women's Council of Horry County

Gas prices

Wall Street to blame for fuel costs

Does anyone really believe that the increase in gasoline prices is because of what's going on in the Middle East or increase in worldwide demand? Most of Libya's oil is exported to Europe, and there have been a number of reports stating that the usage is down in the U.S. the last few years.

So why is the price of oil going up? It is because there is greed at work by the oil companies and Wall Street, as usual.

There have been e-mails circulating recently encouraging people to boycott ExxonMobil and BP hoping that will bring down the price of gasoline. A better way to bring the price down is for everyone to check their investment portfolios and then sell off all their oil stocks. Now that will get their attention.

Judy A. Wood

Murrells Inlet


S.C. gaming rules don't make sense

Bingo is legal. The lottery is legal. Casino boats are legal.

A law, enacted in 1802, makes any game involving cards or dice-such as poker, bridge or even Monopoly a game of chance and is therefore illegal.

Senate Bill 254 would allow people to play games of chance as long as any money lost does not become a serious collectable debt.

Sen. Lee Bright and Sen. Wes Hayes believe that any form of gambling "undermines the moral fabric of society and will open the door to major gambling in South Carolina."

I would like to ask these gentlemen how they would enforce a law against playing cards and board games in the privacy of the home.

Donna A. Crile

Myrtle Beach

Public safety

Thanks to Carolina Forest firefighters

I would like to express my thanks to the firefighters at Horry County Fire Rescue's station in Carolina Forest for responding to a medical emergency at my home on Feb. 7.

A special thanks to Engine 39 and Medic 39, Lt. Pickard, FF's Furr & Speeks and medic Steve Sampoilo.

Their rapid response and professional handling of my medical emergency was very impressive.

As a retired firefighter and EMT, I can certainly appreciate their skills, and I am very glad they were available to help me in my time of need.

I hope everyone appreciates how fortunate we are in Carolina Forest to have such a great fire and rescue team in our area.

Joel Seully

Myrtle Beach