Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Editor's note: The following four letters were submitted by fifth-grade students in Teresa Dionisio's class at Waccamaw Elementary.


Sea turtles need our help to survive

Dear Editor,

We are concerned about sea turtles. These magnificent creatures need to be protected. They could be the next animal at the top of the endangered species list if we don't act now.

There are numerous reasons why these breathtaking animals are dying. The oil spill in the Gulf has affected sea turtles in large numbers. It is polluting their waters and shortening their food supply. Locally, we also have a problem with trash pollution. Recreational boaters dump their trash into the ocean and don't think it's going to affect anything. If you see someone dumping their trash, you should report them.

How can we help sea turtles? Just like there are so many problems there are a lot of solutions. One of the ways we can help save the sea turtles is by recycling. Local beaches set up recycling bins all along the beaches, but that is not enough. We all need to volunteer as beach cleanup crews to save these fantastic animals! If we all pitch in we could save all of the sea turtles!

Another way would be to stay out of the sand dunes along the beach. Climbing on the sand dunes may also destroy the sea turtles' habitat. We need to protect their habitat in order to protect them.

We strongly think that sea turtles should be protected. After reading this letter we hope you agree too. Save the sea turtles' lives. This problem needs to be dealt with before it's too late.

Alexandra Riotto,

Olivia Howell and

Austin Cartrette


Animal abuse

Time to strengthen cruelty laws

Dear Editor,

Have you ever thought about the horrific treatment that poor, innocent, everyday animals receive, even though they didn't do anything so terrible to deserve it? Would you let that continue to happen? These animals are suffering and dying from being abandoned, abused and starved. Just look around. It's everywhere. You may not know how it feels to be treated this way, but the animals do.

We have seen animal abuse for weeks and we have sobbed seeing the horrific scenes. We believe that animal cruelty laws should be harsher. We have interviewed a police officer and veterinarians, all of which agree animals shouldn't suffer any longer. Please help and spread the word about animal abuse and neglect.

Madison Atwater,

Finley MacIver and Britton Swontek



Let's make recycling mandatory

Dear Editor,

We need a recycling law and should make it illegal to not recycle. We want to make it a law because industries are dumping things in swimming areas like oceans, lakes and streams. Earth's balance of health has become an issue because states and counties don't have recycling as a law. Pollution has been harming the earth for centuries.

Recycling has become a big concern for our society and the environment. The earth's natural resources are being consumed because of pollution and if we don't stop polluting, the earth will pay consequences. Society should take part in being green and saving the planet. If we do recycle, it helps the earth tremendously. If we don't, then it harms the earth tremendously.

If we can recycle every month in schools, then we should be able to recycle at home every month. It wouldn't take any more time or effort to recycle at home. If everyone contributed to recycling, then it would help our society very much.

When we recycle, we save energy to manufacture new products and we save fossil fuels. It takes less energy to use recycled products to make new products than to just create a new product all together.

Sam Towe, Nick Farro and Juventino Arias


animal abuse

Society shouldn't tolerate cruelty

Dear Editor,

We need to stop the abuse of animals in Horry County. Poor animals that are never loved or cared for are put on the side of the street and left to die.

The people who think that killing an animal is fun, or that throwing a dog out of a speeding truck window is easier than just taking it to the pound where they could at least have a chance in a caring home are cold and heartless. We have witnessed people beating and starving animals, along with them being in unsafe and inhumane environments.

We are deeply concerned for these helpless animals. People need to step up and stop animal abuse. Police enforcement needs to step up and take a stand to stop the cruelty of animals. We understand that we cannot stop abuse in the whole world but if we work together, we can stop the abuse in Horry County.

Dallen Johnson,

Jameson Copeland and Sallie McVicker