Letters to the Editor

We want facts, not cursing

On February 25, Georgetown City Council held a budget retreat, with two students from Rosemary Middle School in attendance as part of the school's job shadowing program. I'm afraid Mayor Jack Scoville might have shown these students the absolute worst side of local government with his inappropriate language and behavior at this meeting.

Mayor Scoville, according to Facebook and newspaper reports in The Sun News and the Georgetown Times, made a statement that "most people know the city is not sitting on $19 million." He said "you can explain this to some people until you are blue in the face. They are not concerned with the facts. It is total BS."

First of all, whether children were in attendance or not, Mayor Scoville's language is inappropriate and totally out of place. The use of such language is inexcusable for an elected official in a public meeting. Intelligent people do not resort to such language when more appropriate words can be used - particularly in a public setting. Please, Mr. Scoville, save such language for back room brawls with your fellow lawyers and spare us your public potty mouth in the future.

Secondly, Mr. Scoville shows a complete disregard for the truth.

Nobody from the City of Georgetown has ever explained anything publicly about the alleged $19 million dollar slush fund.

This is the type of "duck-the-hard-issues" behavior that could only make the Democrat lawmakers in Wisconsin proud. Nobody has gotten blue in the face explaining anything Mr. Mayor.

The hard truth, Mr. Mayor, is that the City of Georgetown, between the years of 1999 and 2010, has had between approximately $13 million and $20 million dollars invested with the S.C. State Treasurers office, in a fund called the S.C. Local Government Investment Pool. According to state law, this fund is an investment trust fund in which "public monies in excess of current needs" may be deposited.

Mr. Scoville, you were not elected mayor in order to become the city's chief blow-hard and bully. Perhaps you should be reminded that you received less votes in total than the other candidates for mayor.

Simply put, you were not elected by a majority of voters. As a result of this, and in light of your recent behavior, a little bit of humility, intelligence, responsibility and civility from you and your administration just might be in order.

The writer lives in Georgetown