Letters to the Editor

Reduce the deficit - now

Dear President Obama et al:

The federal budget is obscene: $3.7 trillion dollars, of which $1.7 trillion is deficit. Please do the following:

Cut every federal program, your salaries first, every Marine private, every federal judge, my parents' Social Security, every food stamp, every SSI check, every government worker, every federal program, every military aircraft, every solicitor and public defender (me first), every government housing project. Cut back four years, to 2007 level, of $2.8 trillion. That will balance the budget now, at once, immediately. Leave it at that level.

Do you know your salaries are about $170,000 per year, plus benefits, insurance, retirement and office expenses? How many normal, average, taxpaying Americans do you think earn $170,000 per year? What percentage of Americans, 1 percent or so? Do you elected officials think you are kings and dictators, or do you think you are public servants? Since when do the servants earn more than the masters? Are not the average working taxpaying people supposed to earn the money, and pay a decent small wage to the servant, so that both the master (supposedly we the people) and the servant (supposedly you) can survive? Your unlimited corruption and greed, and insatiable desire to remain in power, so that you will promise everything to anyone to keep you in office, is sinful.

Pass a one-term election law. Then get your donkeys out of Washington, and get back to your little hometown where you came from, and earn a living, and try paying the taxes to support your $1.7 trillion deficit for one year. You will suddenly sing a different tune when you get on the paying end - rather than on the receiving end - of the federal budget deficit. The news the other day said our federal budget just for the military is higher than that for the next 16 largest militaries in the world combined. Is this true?