Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Party changes, but behavior's same

After all the hoopla of new congressmen and senators going to Washington and in particular the tea party candidates who pledged to transform Washington, what happens? As reported in Business Week magazine, the focus instead has been on the tried-and-true Washington way of fundraising and fundraising with consulting firms and lobbyists. In fact our own new congressman Tim Scott hosted a $500 per person event and was quoted as saying: "Having fundraisers is what we do in office." What happens when those new best friend lobbyists come knocking at the office door? And then we read of how our new governor who pledged transparency supported her new budget review commission meeting in private without following the rules of public notice.

I don't care what party they represent, the players may change but the behaviors don't. Keep doing what has always been done and focus on staying in office and don't worry. Those campaign promises were just that - promises. It's depressing. No wonder studies have shown that collectively we have no confidence in our politicians and government officials.

Larry Reiter

Myrtle Beach

Devotion unrewarded

CCU season tickets leave out fans

I've been going to the Chanticleers men's and women's basketball games for the past 14 years. I haven't missed a game in the past five years and had tickets for last year's semifinals and finals of the Big South Tournament. I've been a season ticket holder the past three years and a partial season ticket holder two years before that. Now we get a letter from Coastal Carolina University saying to get tickets you have to have priority points with regard to donations to the university. The best way to rank seating, No. 1 was monetary donations given to Chanticleer Athletic Foundation; No 2, years with CAF; No. 3, alumni/former student and faculty/staff; No. 4 in-kind/matching gifts. Nowhere is season ticket holder mentioned; they will be given tickets to people who have never been to one game this year. Is this fair to me and my buddy who shares my tickets, who cheer our hearts out for this team, only to be left out in the end? The Chanticleers' new slogan should be "Show me the money."

Harry Caldwell


S.C. rules

Guns are safe, but raffles aren't?

Hmm, so in South Carolina it may come to be that it is OK for adults to carry a concealed weapon without training or a license to carry such but in South Carolina it is not OK for adults to hold a raffle or a 50/50 game? I don't get it - do you?

GeorgAnn Feldman

Little River

Look to NMB

MB charges

tourists too much

I was very upset when I went to Myrtle Beach for a festival, only to see parking meters, and also the high cost to park at these meters. Myrtle Beach states they want tourists and people to come and spend their money there, but they run out the bikers, place another 1 percent sales tax, and place expensive parking meters along Ocean Boulevard and the area around it. I will continue to spend my money in North Myrtle Beach, where it is appreciated, and which has cheaper sales tax, no parking meters and easy beach access.

Gus Barbetta



Legislature might let snow days slide

I don't know why I am surprised that even with the growing evidence that more school makes better students, our own legislature is considering a free pass to students and teachers for a few days missed due to snow. Is this measure based on knowledge that the kids probably wouldn't learn anything in those days anyway, or do the teachers just want to get on with their vacations? Perhaps parents are complaining that they don't want their children to get everything they can toward an education. I don't recall any such measures after Hurricanes Hugo or Floyd. It can't be about the money because the teachers and administrators get paid for 190 days regardless. South Carolina is at the bottom on the education ladder with not one clue as to how to remedy that situation, but by all means let's not make those kids miss out on a single day of their summer vacations.

Beth Howell

Myrtle Beach


Partisan essay topic wrong for education

This letter is in response to a political brief published Feb. 28. It stated that the Democratic Women's Council of Horry County is having its fifth annual Scholarship Essay Contest and that three $1,000 scholarships will be awarded. This year's essay theme is "I Believe in Public Education - That's Why I Am a Democrat."

Am I the only one who finds fault with this year's theme?

With this reasoning Presidents Obama and Clinton are Republicans because they chose private education for their children. I taught public education for 26 years. Does that make me a Democrat?

Public education is available to all in this great country regardless of political beliefs. Perhaps a better theme would have been nonpartisan - simply, "I Believe in America - That's Why I Am a Registered Voter."

Susan Rovner

Pawleys Island


Road to American Dream established

The American Dream is:

You come to this country.

You come legally.

You go through the proper channels, the way our forefathers did. You must learn English as our forefathers did, as English is the only American language. What other country has "press #1" for their language?

You work and become skilled at one or two jobs to get what you want. Our forefathers worked hard and left behind family and friends to achieve the American Dream, but not the American Dream they are calling for at the new rallies. There were no handouts and should be no handouts. For anyone living here who does not like this country the way our Founders meant it to be and do not want to abide by the Constitution - pack up your stuff and get out. But do not take any of the wealth you obtained here in America. America is the best country in the world.

God bless America, and sing that "Star-Spangled Banner."

Tom and Sandy Hansson



Criminal lawyer may come in handy

Re the Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council:

It may not be a bad idea to continue retaining former Horry County Solicitor Ralph Wilson, whose experience is in criminal law. You have to think that WEOC will need his expertise.

Edwin B. Kelbaugh

Myrtle Beach

Tax waste

HOA oversight just more government

Here we go again. Our new state legislature proposes to establish a state agency to oversee activities of homeowners' associations. If passed, here comes another tax to pay for another bureaucracy and increase the size of government. Shades of Obama. Sounds like our legislature wants to keep up with Obama growth of government and keep their "tabs" on ordinary citizens. Could this be an infringement of our privacy? Furthermore, please tell me what this new bureaucracy will do? Control our private meetings, associations, or just spend more taxpayer dollars? Sounds to me our governor has found another way to increase taxes - more revenue, rather than cut size of government and spending.

Bob Zelloe