Letters to the Editor

Don't let pirates enter the system

Many years ago laws were enacted by our so-called elected leaders and to this day are still being enforced.

As we all know another tragedy has recently occurred to four innocent people whose only intention was to do some good around the world. Their boat was seized and captured; they were held as hostages by a bunch of low-life renegade pirates. Now, four people have been murdered for no reason whatsoever.

I have a very quick and simple solution to this.

1. The 15 pirates who have been taken alive and four dead should be placed back on the very boat that they seized with an American Navy destroyer within firing range to blow up each and every one of them so they can peacefully enter the eternal fires of Hell.

2. My reasoning for this solution is so that for you and I will not have to pay for them to be transferred back to America, go through many lengthy trials for all 15, which would cost millions of dollars for high-paid, high-profile attorneys for their defense appointed by our government.

Again, all of this paid by you and I as we all know will eventually put them in an American prison for whoever knows how long with the right to free health care, dental, food, TV, exercise and freedom for whatever else that they are free to do.

I say to everyone reading this, American policies need a big change, a change that has been lacking for a long time for the true hard-working middle-class patriotic American taxpayers who truly believe in justified justice not only in this situation but many laws dictated by government that supports ripping off the very people who made, make and continue to contribute to the survival of this country.

Of course, anyone has the right to disagree with what I just said. If so, do me a favor: Move to China.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.