Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Warning about word power is well-done

Re John S. Rainey letter, "Words can do irreparable damage," Feb. 22:

This article should be reprinted in every newspaper in the United States. It is spot-on with its content. We absolutely agree. Very, very well-done, Mr. Rainey.

Richard and Sandra Freeland


Illegal labor

Americans long for jobs immigrants do

Re "Immigrants departing S.C.," Feb. 22 article:

If we know there were 70,000 illegals in the state and the number dropped to 55,000, why don't we round up the 55,000 and ship them back? Maybe then the American construction worker can get back to work, I myself being one. We're the minority on the job site when we can get work. The big subcontractors hire a few legit Mexicans in drywall because it's Mexicans who in turn hire God only knows how many, and those individuals don't have to answer to anyone about their legality. Why isn't the so-called smaller sub-vendor held accountable for his workers? It's a joke; everyone knows these illegals. I personally would like to be working and not driving by job sites and seeing all these illegal aliens at work while the Americans willing to work sit at home. We need Immigration and Customs Enforcement to crack down on our construction sites. You may say that's racial profiling but all they have to do is show up at any site. Most will know ahead of time they're on their way. But those on the job who [leave] may be a real good indication to their legality.

We all need to support the Arizona law and make a tougher one for South Carolina.

E. Bill

Little River

Jewish women

Thanks for support for gathering

Recently, Jewish Women of The Grand Strand united for a luncheon as a way to bring a very diverse portion of our community together. We shared a lovely meal at the Grand Dunes Resort Club, providing an opportunity to meet new friends and get to know women we previously met just a little bit better. Our efforts resulted in a very nice-size crowd. In fact, our next venture will require a larger venue. We are grateful to the efforts of The Sun News for its assistance in "getting the word out," and to the many women who passed along the invitation to attend the luncheon within their synagogues, organizations and communities. We also want to thank the staff at the Resort Club for their willingness to work with us by providing a friendly atmosphere, excellent service and delicious food. We were all moved by the reaffirmation of the value of friendship and "sisterhood" in our lives.

Irene Klein, Marian Cohen, Benay Brockman and Wendy Margulies

Myrtle Beach

Gun bill

Concealed weapons without permit scary

Re "S.C. panel advances gun bill," Feb. 25 article:

It seems like the inmates are taking over the prison as far as gun rights are concerned. Some people are not satisfied with owning a gun - now they don't want to be identified (no permit required) and be able to conceal the weapons, so if I understand this correctly someone will be able to conceal any weapon (does that include a sawed-off shotgun or semiautomatic weapon?) under a long coat.

So we could have anyone buying a gun without a permit and no training. Well, isn't that just dandy. Just what this country needs; it's going down the tubes at breakneck speed.

Rep. Mike Pitts refers to the Constitution; well, Mr. Pitts, when the Constitution was written they were not living in our violent times. Common sense has to come into play at some time.

Beryl Andrews

Myrtle Beach