Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Animal protection needs support

Re "Animal abuse cases don't stop," Feb. 17 article:

Why should they?

It seems animals in this state have no rights at all, especially cats. All animals/pets should be equally protected.

We read about animal cruelty cases and that's the end of it. What happens to these criminals? Nothing. Why should these horrible events stop when the abuser never gets punished?

Another horrific event is when an animal dies or has to get put down because of a hoarder's neglect. Why isn't that hoarder ever punished?

New laws need to be enacted so the hoarder can be prosecuted. They cannot be allowed to just walk away.

It's time to make new laws to protect all these innocent creatures and punish the guilty parties.

A civilized society should respect all living things, not just a select few. We claim to be a civilized society. Prove it.

Irene Bortnyk

Myrtle Beach


People, not God, put 'values' on page

Re Linda Cox letter, "Restaurant adheres to good values," Feb. 15:

Cox listed a few things that God supposedly said. I have news for her. God didn't say those things. Ancient men said those things. They also said the Earth was flat and if you traveled far enough, you'd fall off the edge of it.

Samuel Daniels

Myrtle Beach


Let private sector pay for deep port

Shame on Sen. Lindsey Graham and Gov. Nikki Haley for abandoning their tea party ideals. Why should the taxpayers pay for a Charleston deep-water port when the private sector can do a better job? Follow Florida's example, reject federal funds and influence.

Jim Weaver

Myrtle Beach

Sunset Beach

Parking plan takes away access

If the Sunset Beach, N.C., draft parking proposal is accepted, beach parking will be only for residents and renters, unless visitors want to pay. Today there is limited parking, as has been for years, but the Sunset Beach Parking Committee believes there will be huge influx of island visitors. This is unproven and no studies have been presented to verify this assumption. We believe the committee's proposed restrictions, meter placement, weekly parking fee paid permits, and off-street parking limits will turn this beach into an off limits by the public, public beach. This will no longer be a public beach. See www.SunsetBeachNCparking.blogspot.com for full text disclosure.

Dan Johnston

Calabash, N.C.

Bus driver

Racist text deserves outrage, firing

I am incensed, outraged and in shock. I am referring to the bus driver in Fort Mill who was fired over a racist text ("Bus driver loses job over text message," Feb. 13 news brief). Fired -she should take classes in diversity. She says she is not "racist," but her ignorance shines through quite clearly. She has been driving for 11 years; who knows what else she has done or how she has affected children in all that time. I am white, as if it mattered, and have all shades in my family. Just reading about her actions has offended me. Reading what she was quoted as saying further indicates her ignorance. Not only does she not deserve to work around children, she needs to take history classes, as well as learn tolerance and history. Her text was far from humorous. Hats off to the two people who had the sense to tell her it was offensive. It is, and it shows a terrible lapse in judgment. By the way, Mary Hill, you are a racist, and like most racists, you are ignorant and in need of some serious counseling and education. Too bad it took 11 years to find you out. I hope I wrote this plainly enough for you to comprehend.

Sheila Bond

Myrtle Beach


Water restoration handled very nicely

New Year's Eve should have been a night of celebration; instead we came home to a flooded house due to a problem with the plumbing under the kitchen sink. I randomly called a fire/water restoration company chosen from the phone book, it turned out to be a very good choice.

The company is KELPRO, owned by Kelly Jones in Myrtle Beach. He and his crew were here within an hour and began to clean up the water and start the drying out process. There was extensive damage. Most of the flooring had to be replaced, the baseboards and some of the drywall. Also the walls had to be painted from floor to ceiling. It took a few weeks to complete and we were able to stay in our home with our pets the entire time. The end result is a house that looks new and better than it did when first built.

A big thank you to KELPRO and all the crew who were here almost every day doing repairs. They were a nice group of guys, efficient and professional, and never left without a smile and a kind word.

This was a very positive experience, under frustrating circumstances. My husband and I are extremely pleased with the outstanding workmanship performed by KELPRO and will gladly recommend them to anyone needing these services.

Mary Calain

Little River

1997 killing

Don't let pursuit of justice fail

On June 12, 1997, the murder of Grace Stinson, age 42, took place at her home at the Hidden Oaks apartment complex, in Myrtle Beach. She was found with a bag over her head, and stabbed several times. To date this brutal murder remains unsolved.

One suspect, her boyfriend at the time, whose wife had also unexpectedly died, was taken into custody, only to be later released without charge. It has been about 14 years since this murder. Professional people ran for office with the promise of solving this case and not letting it fall into the cold case files. That has not happened.

We concerned citizens should without question request that the Justice Department, The Sun News investigative reporters and, yes, the professional who promised justice for Grace Stinson, take another look at her case all these years later. Do not let this murder go unsolved, or a murder goes unpunished.

I urge the public to call our local Police Department, or whomever you think might care enough to reopen this case, to find justice for Grace. By the grace of God go you and I.

Trevor Comrie

Myrtle Beach

Against the law

Poisoning vermin poisons predators

I would like to inform the people of Myrtle Beach that rodent poisons found at local hardware stores are illegal to use in the city limits.

Many people don't realize the negative effects these poisons can have on other animals, both domestic and wild. Our cat suffered a painful death after eating a poisoned rat. That same poison also kills many eagles, owls and hawks.

See City Section Ordinance 4-1 and 4-4 relative to the mistreatment of animals. The penalty and/or fine is $469.

If you or yours are having problems with rats, mice or other vermin, please call the city's animal control officer.

Paul and Pam Joseph

Myrtle Beach