Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Corn fuel is key to food price rise

Re "Higher food prices ahead," Feb. 10 article:

Higher food prices can be largely blamed on E10 and now E15. It has been stated by experts many times that ethanol is not helping our fuel crisis. What it is doing is raising food prices, ruining small engines and causing havoc for boat owners. I have e-mailed my federal elected officials via Congress.org and expressed my opinion. More of us need to.

Robert J. Santoro

Little River


Don't let right to secret ballot lapse

I applaud Curtis L. Welborne for his Feb. 11 letter ("Distortions slanted against Obama") in which he defends the requirement that a secret ballot of all employees must be held to decide whether or not to create a union at their place of employment. He asserts, "The secret ballot, along with free speech, is the bedrock of American Freedoms." Recently, the National Labor Relations Board authorized the acting general counsel to file lawsuits in federal court to enjoin four states from enforcing recently approved state constitutional amendments that guarantee that a secret ballot must be held to decide whether to form a union. I urge all loyal Democrats to follow the lead of George McGovern and Welborne and write to President Obama to urge him to curtail the recent actions of the NLRB to replace the secret ballot with a card check procedure.

Bob Johnson

North Myrtle Beach


Computer-free family misses out

I am sure that we are not the only people in this world who do not have a computer. It is not that a computer is too expensive for our household, but we simply feel that it is not necessary for our everyday living.

However, we do feel that we are being discriminated by many organizations, companies, etc., since we do not have the opportunity to take advantage of contests, sales, information, etc. Many organizations and companies do not give a telephone number or mailing address in their advertisements to respond. Needless to say, we do miss opportunities.

Isn't this discrimination?

Tony Hardebeck

Myrtle Beach