Letters to the Editor

Distortions slanted against Obama

Feb. 7 must be Tea Party Day at The Sun News. There were two letters, each more vitriolic than the other. For example, Art Blenk did not even blink when he flayed the Obama administration by pitting one government official against the entire no political Congressional Budget Office. He paraphrased the testimony of Dr. Richard Foster before a congressional committee, citing only the negative comments about President Obama's health reform act, while omitting all the positive ones. Moreover, he mislabeled Foster as "the federal government's chief actuary who actually works for the president," although Foster is an actuary only for a sub department and no more "works for Obama" than does the local postal delivery man, both of whom are government employees whether Obama is president or not.

Blenk characterized Foster's testimony as somehow proving that our president "told a big fat lie" without once saying exactly what that lie happened to be. Actually, Foster predicted that the new health law will save Medicare more than $500 billion in the coming decade. Also, he estimated that the law will reduce consumers' out-of-pocket spending on health care by $237 billion over 10 years. Foster's negative remarks about the bill - the only ones mentioned by Blenk - were couched in hypotheticals such as "could," "may" and "possibly," not as factual statements.

The second gout of vitriol is by George Edwards and outdoes Blenk's epistle in bitter nonsense, to wit, "After not protecting the citizens of Arizona from foreign invaders ... the government now seeks to sue South Carolina for protecting its workers from union thugs by allowing the use of secret ballots." Somehow, Edwards seems to have missed the fact that. Obama has significantly beefed up the federal border patrol and has sent more illegal immigrants back south of the border in two years than George W. Bush did in eight. Moreover, one might legitimately ask just when the secret ballot became somehow un-American. The secret ballot, along with free speech, is the bedrock of American freedoms.

It would take hours to refute each hateful piece, but let's try just a few: Obama is limiting America's use of "its own super-abundant energy resources to make it dependent on that of its enemies," etc. Not so, sir. Drilling in the Gulf will continue when safeguards against another BP disaster are in place; shale oil production is now and has been in progress for some time; coal mining will definitely continue with new government safeguards against criminal conditions that recently killed - how many miners?

Edwards brings up Obama's "lie" about his "birth records" and even introduces a new one: his "academic records" about which I did not know that even Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann had questions.

I do not question the loyalty and patriotism of those who denounce our government and its duly elected leaders. I only wish that they would try to learn the facts and not distort them, and refrain from judging and condemning others whom they have every right to disagree with but no right whatever to denounce as traitors to their country. Opinions are on thing; facts quite another. The truth is good enough.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.