Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Strand offers kind people, activities

Re Douglas Oswald letter, "Strand lets down visiting retirees," Feb. 2:

We are a retired couple from Minnesota who have been coming to the Myrtle Beach area every winter for eight years. We so disagree with, and are extremely disappointed with the negativity expressed in the letter from the Minnesota couple who were too sour to find anything nice to say about the area. Their rudeness in writing such an opinion is not representative of Minnesotans and was offensive to those of us who are.

We have found many enjoyable and interesting activities on the Strand, (including the two bridge clubs we play in), all within budget. But most important, we never cease to be amazed at the gracious friendliness of South Carolinians. Wherever we go we meet beautiful people who make us feel welcome and at ease. We want to keep coming back, and unlike the other writer, we let friends know about the charms of the Strand from Myrtle Beach, to Pawleys Island where we rent a condo, to Charleston and beyond.

Keith and Norma Gordon

Prior Lake, Minn.


Debt has but

one solution

An open letter to President Obama:

There's only one way to get out of debt, and that's to pay it off, or declare bankruptcy.

Cure your money madness. Accomplish it, and you'll be able to respond rationally to spending by credit seductions, not with empty rationalization.

Taxpayers should give up their credit cards, even temporarily, and then you may teach yourself how to live without them - spend like your grandparents did - when the money is there.

It's not their money now - take your foot and mind off the gas pedal - brake a little before you break your people.

We deserve better. See through the seductions.

Fred Portway

Myrtle Beach


Things to do aplenty for those who look

Re Douglas Oswald letter, "Strand lets down visiting retirees," Feb. 2:

I was surprised to read Oswald's letter where he states, "Doesn't seem like a whole bunch of things being done to make winter visitors want to come here".

My wife and I arrived on Jan. 29, and in the first week we have attended a performance of the Long Bay Symphony; registered at the North Myrtle Aquatic & Fitness Center (the registration included an hour-long session with a personal trainer who set us up with a fitness program tailored to our needs); registered for duplicate bridge lessons at the Myrtle Beach campus of Coastal Carolina University; registered for the Conway Bicycle Rally taking place in a couple of weeks; and purchased tickets for live theater in Conway next week.

I realize that some of the activities we enjoy and do when we are home in Nova Scotia, Canada, may not appeal to everyone. For those with different interests, I recommend the entertainment guide included with your Friday paper. In it you will find five pages of local activities that should suit any interest.

Anyone who complains about having nothing to do in Myrtle Beach reveals more about themselves than about this great community. Be assured we have and will continue to extol the virtues of Myrtle Beach to all of our friends and encourage them to come for a visit.

Kevin MacDonald

Myrtle Beach