Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Road work drags on for too long

Does anyone know how long the construction will be going on between U.S. 17 Bypass and Grissom Parkway; it seems like it has been going on forever. The entrances and exits to the stores are poorly marked, and you don't see them until the very last minute. Of late, I haven't even seen any construction workers. I think the Great Wall of China was completed quicker. Please don't take this negatively as it is only "constructive" criticism.

John M. Schaeffer

Myrtle Beach


Policy cost increase disastrous

Alvin Ezrin's Jan. 29 letter ("Insurers need to be regulated") on the state's wind and hail insurance program is right on. My current experience in renewing my homeowners policy best supports his position. My current policy (that includes wind and hail) is due for renewal in May, and my insurance carrier informed me that I will now have to take out the separate wind and hail policy in addition to my homeowners policy. I've gotten a number of quotes, and the numbers don't make sense. Today I'm paying $1,750. A wind and hail policy for the same coverage will be about $2,100, plus I have to take out flood insurance (not in a flood zone) for $365, in addition to a homeowners policy. Someone needs to explain to me why my new estimated cost will be around $3,000 when I was paying $1,700 for the same coverage. This program is of no benefit to the homeowner, only benefits the underwriters and possibly the state. And as Ezrin points out, we have an ex-insurance person at the state level to look out for us. Good luck

George Moustakis

Surfside Beach

Action in law

Use Missouri model to repel immigrants

The Feb. 2 article "Immigrants departing S.C." begs the question: Why are there still 45,000 illegals in our state? Forget Arizona as the model - check out Missouri. They don't have a problem there. You see, there are no Mexican illegal immigrants in Missouri. In 2008 Missouri residents passed a constitutional amendment by 90 percent in favor to 10 percent opposed for English to be the official language of Missouri, along with verification provisions for law enforcement personnel to enforce federal immigration laws. Illegal immigrants have no rights to taxpayer benefits or state-sponsored health care benefits and cannot demand anything unless it's presented in English in Missouri. No financial aid to post-secondary education, etc., at the expense of Missouri taxpayers.

Google "The Ozarks Sentinel - Nita Jane Ayers, May 13, 2010" to get the full story. Let's wipe out illegal immigration in our state too, and start to enjoy the freedom that we have lost. Contact Jim DeMint and Lindsey Graham for starters.

Jim Knupp

Little River

Staying busy

Plenty to do along the Strand

Yesterday, my wife was on the telephone with a friend comparing calendars and suggested we might need a social secretary. We have 17 dates marked off between now and the end of March. No doubt more will be added as we read each Friday's "Kicks" section of this newspaper. These dates do not include the church programs nor friendly get-togethers.

We do not play golf!

How Douglas Oswald ("Strand lets down visiting retirees," Feb. 2) can say that there is nothing to do is beyond me. We spent eight winters in Florida before coming to Myrtle Beach seven years ago and have enjoyed the past seven years immensely. We have made so many new friends, both locals and snowbirds, at the many activities and events we attend. Never have we felt like outsiders.

Go to the Chamber of Commerce offices; go to the senior centers; go to the recreation departments; check the high school and college performances. You will find something in which you can enjoy and participate - many things at no cost.

Enjoy the Grand Strand, Mr. Oswald. There really is a lot to do.

David Griffiths

Surfside Beach