Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Socastee High

Student blood donors inspiring

The community needs to know what great kids are enrolled at Socastee High School. Too often we hear only the negative about our kids. Forget that. Let's get positive and see the good stuff these kids are doing.

I am a Red Cross volunteer. Today I had the joy of meeting kids who gave up lunch time to come and donate blood - the gift of life. These kids were awesome, especially the first-time donors. Talk about being brave - many adults are afraid to give blood. These kids lead by example.

School administrators, teachers and parents need to know: You are doing something right. I have much hope for the future. I saw it today at Socastee High School.

Paula Koscelnick

Garden City Beach


Strand has plenty to offer everyone

I disagree completely with the Feb. 2 letter complaining that there is nothing for non-golfing retirees to do in Myrtle Beach. That has most certainly not been our experience, as Canadians who are back for our eighth consecutive winter. There are many theater venues, and we attend several shows and performances each year. The adventure golf courses are great fun and much more creatively designed than our "miniature golf" courses back home. We have no difficulty finding neighborhood bars with happy hours that provide inexpensive drinks and snacks. All the wait staff (and, indeed, virtually every local resident we meet in our travels) are friendly and welcoming. The aquarium is outstanding, as is Brookgreen Gardens. We belong to the Myrtle Beach library and spend a good deal of time reading, including local authors. There are lovely, historic communities a short drive away, including Wilmington, N.C., Conway, Georgetown and Charleston. Most of all, there is the beach - 60 miles of Grand Strand to walk along, looking at and listening to the ocean, and being frequently rewarded with dolphins jumping and playing close to the shore. Our four months here each winter are busy and enjoyable.

Dick Tindal

Myrtle Beach and

Kingston, Canada