Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Life's end

Hospice makes most sense for many

I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV, but I am a two-time cancer survivor. Sadly, like most folks, I have a few friends who are now struggling with end-of-life treatments. There is no quality to their lives.

They are gaining a few months, but that time is spent traveling back and forth for treatments, not traveling for pleasure. Between treatments they are weak and nauseated. Dr. Charles Sasser ("Hospice cuts don't add up for state," Jan. 31 letter) is right: Hospice is the answer, the treatment, the preparation for the end of life.

Doing anything else is like spitting in the wind.

More peace of mind and serenity will come from sharing remaining time with family and friends. Hospice will allow one to do that and at a pittance of cost compared to the treatments that will only give some very poor quantity of time.

Death is part of life; it completes the circle, fills in the dash. And hospice will ease the transition.

Millie Herrman

Pawleys Island


Attack criminals, not each other

Re Patti Soles letter, "Writer accomplishes plenty, thank you," Jan. 27

I didn't realize I was just sitting around waiting to attack someone like you were attacking Sarah Palin. I couldn't care less what she does, it's her life; however, you were attacking her and not the other liberals who visited Haiti.

I'm happy that you care about the foxes and about the metal traps. As bad as you seem to think about me, I don't like to see an animal suffer.

Maybe you should get laws that will make people responsible for their pets, especiallly dogs. You ride up and down our highways and just count the number of dead dogs there are.

My initial thought is, why you would want to own a dog and then let him loose or chain him to a tree?

I get up, make coffee, turn on Fox News, then for the rest of the day I watch TV or sometimes I join an organization called the Palmetto Minutemen and fight illegal immigration.

I know it's not as important as a fox but I believe it hurts the people of Horry County to be footing the bill for these turkeys.

It costs a lot of tax money for education, medical treatment and welfare. People who come here illegally should be rounded up and shipped back.

Then when that's done, I go to the fridge and get a beer and watch TV or go on the computer or read the paper to see who I can attack. Good luck on your quest to get rid of fox pens.

Edward Koziol


Quality of life

When the big A hits ya, think euthanasia

I'm a very old timer, hoping not to become an Alzheimer. If two docs agree my brain has been squeezed like an accordion, then please, oh please - call Kevorkian.

Doug Howard

Surfside Beach