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Letters to the editor

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Pit bulls received too much coverage

On Jan. 31, The Sun News covered the story about Michael Vick's pit bulls' health on Page 3A in 32 column inches. Also, a pit bull's picture was prominently displayed. On the same page, the coverage of the topic dealing with "US factories vs Chinese factories" occupied 24 column inches. The pit bulls are not in Horry County but are far away in Utah. Did that coverage had any importance or relevance for the folks in Horry County, for that matter anywhere outside some region of Utah?

The Sun News is the major newspaper in the entire Waccamaw region and then some. It should cover important and relevant local, national and international news that is fit to print, especially in the main section. I think most of the readers would agree with me.

Subhash C. Saxena

Myrtle Beach


St. Michael thanks health fair donors

The committee, staff and students at St. Michael Catholic School would like to thank the businesses who generously donated to our Health Fair. Thank you, Bi-Lo, Food Lion, Piggly Wiggly, Kroger, Sam's Club, Lowes Food, Coca-Cola Co., Kohl's, TJMaxx, Dick's Sporting Goods and Fitness Edge for your generous donation.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Margaret Peters

School nurse, St. Michael Catholic School