Letters to the Editor

Hospital is fine example of progress

I wanted to express my thoughts to our Grand Strand Hospital and commend the expansion to achieve better health care for this area.

The continued additions should bring so much more comfort to all of the surrounding areas and make the citizens proud.

For the efforts and great leadership of Doug White, the chief executive of this fine facility, I as well as many others should extend a thought of appreciation and be grateful that he in his many years of dedication has brought not only the best that can be offered, but many jobs to this area. Doug, whom I met while scuba diving in the Florida Keys for the first time, has been an outstanding citizen with a vision not only for bigger, but also better. My hat's off to Doug and his ability to lead this facility to where it is now.

Having great health care is one of the major components for any area. Now let's keep in mind we (with Tom Leath, as our city manager) are also giving our city a vision to lead not only our city and county but our state to recovery.

Bashing everything is not a way of recovery (as opposed to asking questions, and as citizens offering ideas for improvements). Getting involved and all pushing forward with concern will allow our little seaside city to become a stronger community with character.

If any citizen has an idea or thought of ways for our city to save money, make a suggestion, call Leath, your council person or the mayor. This is why we elect them to represent us as citizens.

I am proud of our leadership of Grand Strand Hospital and the results Doug White has brought to our city with great jobs and better health care. Let's all make efforts to improve our complete city as we travel in this course of life.

Furthermore don't be scared to give a call of appreciation or ask questions for your better understanding. This is still America, and we as little citizens have a right to know and voice our opinions in every factor.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.