Letters to the Editor

Strand lets down visiting retirees

My wife and I are retired and are visiting South Carolina for the first time. We owned a condo in Phoenix for nearly 20 years and have been looking for a "new place to visit." So far South Carolina has been a big disappointment. We can now somewhat see why there are so many closed up businesses and vacant rentals.

Other than golf, there sure isn't much for the retired "non-golfers" to do. We found it ludicrous that the bars can't even have a deck of cards in their place of business for the fear of some kind of gambling might take place. No cribbage or any kind of card game. You are discouraging the biker week, no outside drinking on the pier. No playing poker in your own home - that is absurd.

We tried to find a neighborhood bar for an afternoon cocktail. The price was way too much to sit and try to enjoy it and meet new friends: $8.50 for two drinks. The prices of the shows are very high. Doesn't seem like a whole bunch of things being done to make winter visitors want to come here. It's fine if you want to shop and eat, lots of that stuff. Reading about the home game poker situation is unreal.

Needless to say, we'll never come back, and you know how it is in the "retired circle of where and where not to go." We'll be sure to voice our findings. A disappointed couple from Minnesota.

The writer was in North Myrtle Beach.