Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Smoking ban

Bars should be able to make decision

Re Dr. Michael O'Connell letter, "Not all opinions deserve equal weight", Jan 21:

O'Connell writes about how naive Councilman Irby Koon was by saying that he would consider all options concerning the smoking ban. The doctor argues that felons should not be heard. This is the only point that I agree with. Guess what? Felons lose the right to vote - which means they are not constituents, therefore, they don't have any say in government. I believe that we are all entitled to express our opinions. Mine lean toward freedom of speech, thought and choice. Also toward civil rights. Bar and restaurant owners should be able to decide to have smoking or not, or be offered options, such as having separate areas that are properly ventilated. I take exception to even an exaggerated comparison between smokers and child molesters and murderers. That is a comparison most doctors wouldn't make. In South Carolina the larger health concern is obesity, not diseases contracted from secondhand smoke. Perhaps he could use his energy to address that area of health concerns instead.

Bill Hipkins

Carolina Forest

Honest citizen

Pepsi worker returned wallet

We are proud to live in Conway.

First of all we would like to thank a young man named Leroy James who works for Pepsi Cola. We hope they realize what a valuable and honest employee they have

Our 81-year-old mother was here over the holidays and lost her wallet but wasn't sure where. We backtracked everywhere but did not find it. She was devastated: She did not have her driver's license to get back on the airplane, cash, no medical cards, lost pictures, even a little love note from her friend of 15 years who passed away last year. It is very important that when you are out of town to write down your cell number and place it somewhere in the wallet. Leroy, who found it, had no way to get in touch with her here in South Carolina. He called her home phone in Florida and he left his phone number, and then we met him to get back the wallet and send it back to her.

Someone told us that you can drop it in a mail box or post office. But when we called the post office they said they do what they can to find the owner and if they don't, they have a lost and found.

I never would have thought of dropping it in a postal box.

Leroy, it is an honor to have met you. Thank you, and God bless. You have saved our mother a lot of time and frustration.

We know why we fell in love with Conway. We have met the most honest and loving people. It is a real honor to say we live in Conway, S.C.

Sue Carroll and Sandy Lancianese


Health care bill

'Death panels' clause sneaks back in

Regarding a recent letter to The Sun News in favor of the "End of Life Conference" in the health care bill, I am responding for America's citizens, most of whom are not in favor of certain parts of the bill. The "death panels" would result in more government intrusion and control, additional cost, and increase the number of personnel. Yes, we seek advice on car repairs and vacation planning, but when we are in a near (or not near) death situation, neither the patient nor his family and friends want to meet with a "death counselor" assigned by the government. Religion also has an important role in discussing private issues involving death. Euthanasia would definitely be addressed.

Due to strong opposition throughout the country, "death panels" were removed from the health care bill, but few people are aware that recently "death panels" were again inserted, and so was payment for abortions, and 222 waivers were granted by Health and Human Services to selected companies. Surprisingly, Muslims, Christian Scientists, Amish and Scientologists could be exempt from requirements of the health bill. I also understand that the health care bill provides that if you sell your house you will be taxed 3.8 percent on the [profits above the capital gains threshold].

In the words of our president's Tucson speech, our discourse should be civil and honest. Wouldn't an honest review of the bill by Congress be in the interest of all Americans?

Jack Wagner

Murrells Inlet