Letters to the Editor

Halt Obama's policies now

Please do not be lulled into thinking President Obama is changing for the better. Remember he gave one image before he was elected, then gave another one after the election. Now that he sees the handwriting on the wall since the November election results, he's going to show another face.

The Republican Party must not allow Obama to call the shots in the State of the Union address and not challenge his new positions. His speech in Tucson was high on rhetoric; his acceptance of the Bush tax cuts was a sham; and his efforts at deregulation are lukewarm at best. Obama plans to display himself as a centrist; don't believe it even for a second.

Remember he's still beholden to the unions that contributed over $420 million to his election. He turned over half of GM to the UAW, and he hasn't given up on card check unionization. He has also granted exemptions to unions on the health reform bills. What else does he owe the unions? Let us not forget his push for the FCC to regulate talk radio in an effort to silence opposition to his policies.

You can be sure Obama will come up with new spending bills. He still believes, as do Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, that we can spend our way to prosperity. It has never happened. I want him to first show me the spending cuts; starting with the federal government in programs like the Environmental Protection Agency and Amtrak, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; public works and highway construction; Medicare, Medicaid, WIC, and other social welfare programs (all these really do is "buy" votes); the federal work force; eliminate the Department of Education (education is a state function based on the U.S. Constitution).

The Republican Party must oppose any rise in the debt limit. They must repeal the health care bill and oppose funding of any part of it. Let the American public see Obama and the Democratic Party for who they really are and what they stand for. Push for conservative values and policies, and in 2012 the American people will vote overwhelmingly Republican.

The writer lives in Myrtle Beach.