Letters to the Editor

Get robbed, see what your stance is

Re Dave Carlson letter, "Don't give edge to criminals," Jan. 25:

I totally agree with him. The idea of eliminating guns is ridiculous because criminals will always have guns. Taking the guns away from law-abiding citizens just makes it easier for the criminals. The horror of having a gun in your face is something that will live with you for a long time. I know first-hand. It happened to me.

I was walking my dog in a Little River park, which I have done many times, and came face-to-face with a would-be robber pointing a gun in my face. He demanded money. At that moment, a man with his dog appeared farther down the trail and I yelled at him, "Call the police, this guy has a gun." The would-be robber took off running, passing the guy with the dog, and waving the gun at him as well.

People said I should have just given him the money. They said, "After all, your life is worth more than money." Yes, but who is to say he wouldn't have shot me after I gave him the money? After all, I could identify him.

This criminal had the edge on me. He had the gun, I didn't.

But, you can be sure, the next time I will be prepared. I will have a legally obtained gun on me so I can defend myself. The Bill of Rights grants me that right. Don't think about taking it away. I don't want to go through that horror again.

The writer lives in Little River.