Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Parking at CCU

Students' health, safety at risk

Someone should look into the horrendous parking situation facing Coastal Carolina University students. They are charged $50 per year for the right to park, only to discover that unless you get to campus four or five hours early, you can never find a parking space - let alone one remotely close to your classroom. Or, bang, you vehicle is towed and you are written a ticket on top of that.

I wonder how far away the administrators and staff have to park?

How much are they charged per year? Do they get towed at a $100 per pop?

They would rather students park in a dirt field and walk in the rain. So much for the safety of the students.

Just another income stream for the university. They ought to be made to wear a mask.

Tom Hocker

Myrtle Beach


Stop glamorizing subject of liquor

It is a sad state of affairs when people cannot have a good time without the serving of liquor, and it is sadder that the subject should make front-page news. The aftermath of all this happiness also makes the front page when it results in another statistic on the way home.

Connie Smith

Myrtle Beach


For some, conscience is faith enough

No religion has a "hot line" to God, but every person does; it is called conscience.

Who is my neighbor? Whoever really needs me now, family first.

Tom Dunn

Murrells Inlet