Letters to the Editor

A rising tide is hard to prove

Re "Rising water levels reshape coast," Jan. 17 article:

As I write, the water level is rising along the coastline of the Carolinas by two nickel thicknesses a year, which will eventually rise by as much as 55 inches by 2100, caused by the warming oceans and melting of the Antarctic and Greenland ice caps - so say those actually paid for such tales.

On April 28, Angela Lee, paraphrasing from National Geographic, gave us the Henny Penny version of global warming and/or climate change. Similar refrains have been heard through the years from Coastal Carolina University representatives. At that time it was reported: "Sea levels in South Florida have risen 9 inches since 1930." I'm still waiting for professor Dan Abel to help me ascertain how the ever-changing ocean water level can be measured to within 1 inch, anywhere. Now, similar refrains are prophecied by environmentalists for only the Carolinas, under the guise of science. Do they not know that the oceans are connected and a rising ocean in Carolina would also rise in Venice. Global warming propaganda caused by too many humans and their cows and cars will never end as long as there are Henny Pennys and Abel advocating carbon dioxide as the major contributor.

One must never forget Winston Churchill's admonition: "Truth and science will never catch up to media and government propaganda - in fact they have no desire to put the record straight as they are funded by hysteria." Carbon dioxide is indeed the gas of life, which is scoffed up by living creatures and little remains in the atmosphere, which is probably somewhat variable as the amount dissolved in the ocean changes with ocean temperature. Ocean capacities to absorb change of any of the planet's properties are everything; heat, temperature, salinity, gases, etc.

Environmentalists strive to control carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and the atmospheric temperature when most of it is in solution in the oceans. Arrogant and without conscience but harmful to those who produce things and work for a living. Oil is still king; ask the Cubans, Russians, the Chinese and even those out of work in America, unless they have been hustled by welfare bribes.

Postulating global warming, rising ocean levels, droughts and floods, tornadoes and hurricanes is easy, but compiling a scientific model to predict these phenomena from basic principles is without credibility, or even necessity, but the effort goes on ad infinitum. To predict climate, one must be able to model mathematically the planet's atmosphere, the invisible water vapor in the air, the clouds, the ocean and its movement coupled to the moving atmosphere as a function of time. Don't forget the sun; that's where the energy comes from.

Models, upon which global warming hysteria are based have not been authenticated by experiment, nor will they ever. The modelers don't care that they will never know the truth; indeed, they don't want it as their game would (might) end. This hysteria is based only on predictions too small to be taken seriously as credible science, given the number and complexity of ocean and atmospheric variables that must be coupled together mathematically as a function of time and space. Less than 0.02 degrees F per year change in temperature is catastrophic for those out of touch with reality unless it is viewed as a hobby. A clinical thermometer is incapable of such accuracy.

The judgment or honesty of anyone who signed on to the "global warming" concept is forever unqualified to lead or teach anyone outside an asylum; that includes John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Newt Gingrich, Barack Obama and his party, the vast U.S. government, the U.N., the "environmentalists" of the world, and all the "scientists" listed in the featured "news" piece on rising water levels in the Carolinas.

The writer lives in Surfside Beach.