Letters to the Editor

Reform entitlements, cut debt

I was reading in the paper that the Secretary of Treasury was asking Congress to raise the debt limit. Shouldn't these people have enough guts instead of raising the limit to cut whatever amount of money they need or think they need out of every government check mailed from Washington? Don't spend money just cut to stay within the budget. They have passed laws in the past that are helping destroy this nation's financial affairs.

Naming some: the entitlement programs. They've written these laws that encourage people to lie to get whatever they can from the government instead of working for it. There is one that encourages a young girl to have a baby out of wedlock, then she gets a check for the baby and herself and also feeds her boyfriend. This, in my opinion, is a sin. Can we remember what the Bible says: A man who won't work won't eat; a man who won't support his household is worse than an infidel.

We all know what President Obama promised he would do in his first year if elected. He would stop these companies from sending and building plants overseas. It's worse now than it's ever been. Our political leaders should pass laws now for term limits, let's say of eight years at the most. Our political leaders will do or pass any kind of law that will keep them in office. When America was being made great they certainly didn't have all of these giveaway programs.

This war I think has lasted long enough; win or get out. I came up in the Great Depression; I believe our country is in worse condition now than it was then.

Do away with all the unions and there would be plenty of jobs. We need to trade with other countries on equal basis, 50-50. This wasteful system must stop. One-half of the people working to feed the other half that won't work.

The writer lives in Hemingway.