Letters to the Editor

Area supports Litchfield efforts

The Litchfield Corridor Beautification Committee is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the enhancement and preservation of the Litchfield Beaches corridor, U.S. 17, with plantings and maintenance of the medians.

I joined the committee a year ago and encouraged others to also consider joining. The residents, businesses and property owners' associations of the Litchfield area that have supported this effort since 2007 have enabled the LCBC to move toward a milestone. With Bill McElroy as LCBC president, and added support from accommodations tax grants, the progress that has been made this year is impressive. The LCBC goal of 3.1 miles of plants, incorporating flowering shrubs, native palms and crape myrtles, is close to completion. There have been 167 crape myrtles added to the original design with 38 beds containing 800 to 1000 plants. Pruning will keep the plantings naturally beautiful at levels needed to allow visibility on the road. The corridor is a lush welcome for all, Litchfield's beauty by the beach. Our thanks to Waccamaw Landscaping for design advice, installation and maintenance.

Other accomplishments include our new website, litchfieldbeautification.com, the place for questions, information, and donations. Check out our video and newsletter on the site.

The new goal will be sustaining the beauty of the Litchfield Beaches corridor as a model for surrounding communities. We need time, talent and funding of this community to continue the endeavor to keep Litchfield green and beautiful, for all of us and those who come here to visit. Consider joining us. I'm glad I did. Know that when you drive through town that this is a special place and you helped to make it happen.

The writer, who does public relations for the LCBC, lives in Pawleys Island.