Letters to the Editor

People do their part to help pets

Re Jan. 18 article "Boy, 10, rescues little pups from drainpipe":

Thank you for great reporting making this a local, front-page story. This positive exposure brings much needed awareness to the problem of the unwanted animal population in our area.

Thank you, Michael Hardwick, for finding and rescuing the puppies. You are a responsible young man who took action to save them from suffering unthinkable deaths.

Thank you, Coastal Animal Rescue, for fostering and preparing these puppies and countless other homeless and abused dogs and cats for adoption. Thank you for being a no-kill shelter.

The photo of these precious puppies being held in a cozy blanket speaks for the innocent victims of cruelty, ignorance and abuse. The awful truth is that there are millions of unwanted animals disposed of in horrific ways - thrown off overpasses onto highways, drowned, burned, dumped by roads, left in remote areas and even thrown out with trash.

Neuter and spay programs are successful at reducing the stray and unwanted pet population. More shelters are becoming no-kill shelters like Coastal Animal Rescue. Education and awareness are leading to increased numbers of adoptions, which will allow more shelters to become no-kill. The Sun News' wonderful publicity provided awareness and knowledge that will lead to a very happy ending. Since there is an overwhelming demand for these puppies, hopefully many other animals will be adopted who are just as precious as these.

The writer lives in North Myrtle Beach.