Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

State priorities

Children suffer with budget cuts

BabyNet services provide medically needed interventions, including speech therapy, to children birth to 3 years old, but on Jan. 12, the Department of Health and Human Services delivered some grim news. [Services for] children who receive therapy in "natural environments," such as homes and day care centers, are targeted for cuts. These children and their families will be hurt and critical therapy needs will not be met. I am a retired speech language pathologist from Horry County Schools, and I have seen the incredible benefits demonstrated by such services. They must be maintained.

By cutting BabyNet funds, our state legislators are neglecting our children. It is morally wrong and financially foolish to reduce services to this vulnerable group.

Our Horry County delegation should seriously address the recommendations of the Tax Realignment Commission report. In this budget year, it is mocking to ignore this 600-page analysis as merely "advisory."

Elimination of ill-advised tax exemptions representing special favors is a priority. Do not punish the babies.

Grace Gifford



Writer accomplishes plenty, thank you

Re Edward Koziol letter, "Palin trip hardly biggest concern," Jan. 1:

Koziol missed the whole point of my letter. He wanted to know what I was doing while presidents were visiting Haiti, so here goes. I have worked diligently trying to get a hoarding law for the past two years with Paul Whitten, which finally came before the County Council, who then put it back for review. I have been to rezoning meetings to try and stop another fox pen (Horry County has 14) to watch how rude and arrogant some of the men on the board act. While Michelle Obama was in Spain spending our tax money, I was praying that God would help stop the oil spill that killed so much wildlife and ruined people's lives. I spend every extra dollar I have to help any dogs or any kind of animal I can. Animal control knows me by first name. I have petitions up so hunters would stop the use of metal traps where a child or a dog could be harmed. As far as President Obama's vacations, I have yet to see any politicians who aren't worried about their pocketbook before the concern of the people.

My question is to Koziol: What do you do beside sitting around wanting to attack somebody?

Patti Soles