Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Act of unity

Muslims shielded Egypt's threatened Christians

According to a recent news report published online, I have learned that thousands of Egypt's Muslims united to create a "human shield" to protect their threatened Christian neighbors by showing up to the Coptic Christmas Mass on Jan. 6.

These acts of unity and empathy came about as a result of the attacks targeting Christians at Saints Church in Alexandria on New Year's Eve.

I would like to encourage everyone to publicize these acts of empathy, unity, tolerance and peace to thank these Egyptian Muslims for becoming a human shield to protect our Christian brothers and sisters.

These people should be commended for overlooking the lines of religion and race that separate so many. Their acts have played a significant role in our quest for unity as a human family.

Michelle Fuhr

Surfside Beach


VA's Allen is a true patriot who helps veterans

Did you ever meet a real American patriot who truly loves this country and the men and women who served to protect it? Wendell Allen, Veterans Affairs officer, is such a gentleman.

Our veterans too frequently are not given the support and resources they deserve. Allen is committed to make sure this does not happen in Horry County. His office in Conway processed more than 6,000 claims and over 95 percent received the support needed. Wendell will spend countless hours providing you with all the necessary forms and resources available to you and your family.

Our family member is now able to live in an assisted living home that has a caring and competent staff. This was accomplished with the financial assistance from the VA.

Veterans, you have a caring advocate, a true American patriot in Wendell Allen. God bless him and God bless our veterans.

Richard and Carol Marchell

Sunset Beach, N.C.


Talking heads are an embarrassment to U.S.

Re Dick Withington letter, "Extreme views of any kind dangerous," Jan. 12

Ah, Dick, I think you're being a little harsh there, giving porn a bad name. After all, a little porn never hurt anyone. However, the political rhetoric of today can be a real killer in more ways than one. Sarah Palin is a joke. Period. She is embarrassing. I can't imagine her in the White House. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in my opinion are a danger to America. "Entertainers"? A slap in the face to all true entertainers.

What they spew out day after day is treasonous. They are an embarrassment to all decent Americans. You don't have to like or agree with our president or other leaders. You have the right to not vote for them, and you certainly have the right to disagree with them and their views, but in my opinion, the only decent thing we can do is support our president and leaders.

I don't think the president gets up every day and wonders if he can do the worst job possible for his country and family. I don't think President Bush did or anyone before him. If the three stooges I mentioned (sorry, Larry, Curly and Moe) can do a better job, I say, run for it, boys. But then again, has anyone ever heard a solution from these clowns? (There I go again, sorry Bozo.)

Debbie Fry

Garden City Beach