Letters to the Editor

Graham ignores ideas, wishes

Dear Sen. Lindsey Graham,

I want to make it clear that you will no longer receive my vote in the next election. I have written to you twice over the last year and a half asking on the behalf of university graduates to help secure interest caps, forbearance, and economic hardship suspensions on private student loans, as well as in a published letter in The Sun News asking you to explore better ways to spend the taxpayers' dollars. I asked specific questions, and offered highly thought-out and rational examples as well as solutions, which were not on bailouts for banks and Wall Street, but for the actual American taxpayer and homeowner who need to stay in their homes and pay their bills. By helping Americans keep their homes through a refinancing idea, in which making these banks and mortgage companies refinance every homeowner regardless of credit as well as at the current low interest rates, this would allow American families to keep their homes, pay their bills and allow more money to be saved or spent on goods and services which would booster our economy.

Nothing I have raised in question has ever been answered by you. It is clear that you have not read my letters, or helped any of the situations I have written about, which would help not just me, but many others who are in similar positions to my own.

With each letter I have sent you have sent back responses six months later containing answers to questions I have not asked, offering no mention of what I did write about, and have given lofty answers as to your agenda, which is not what your constituents are worried about. As I write with respect to your position, you have replied very informally as to my position, treating me as a subservient. I would never address you as "Lindsey," as you have so informally addressed me as "Thomas," another proven point that you have little to no respect for the people who have elected you, trusted you, and have kept you where you are.

In your reply to my published letter about foreclosures and the economy, you go on to speak of the "lame duck" Congress and how this is not the time to take up "controversial climate or immigration legislation, tax increases," etc., but you mention that we should "continue to fund the government." It is clear to me that you are out of touch with your constituents. Despite the propaganda that the economy is improving, look at the facts in South Carolina. Horry and Georgetown counties are still at the 10 percent unemployment mark, which does not even factor in those who have fallen off unemployment and are jobless. Foreclosures are up and are still happening across the board, continued damage is being done to the small business owner, and our local economy is still based on tourism in which we have so much to offer high-tech clean industry, and corporate companies.

You ask us to continue to "fund the government." Well, why should we continue to fund a government that is out of touch with its people, spent us into financial ruin, and then cannot even get answers to the questions we raise? Why must we continue to be the downtrodden, when you and your "peers" are living a life of privilege, and passing laws that you do not have to return home to live with? Well, Sen. Graham, I refuse to listen to your political mumbo jumbo and will be casting my vote for someone who actually wants to work for the people and not their party or themselves.

You say that you will "remember the concerns and comments" I have shared with you, and that you will "continue to be a strong voice for South Carolinians." Senator, with all due respect, how can you be a strong voice when you do not listen to, and ignore the very things your constituents are voicing concern about?

I want you to understand that I will be voting for your opponent to ensure that your "lame duck" position and nonchalant actions and willingness to ignore your constituents needs, will no longer force the American people to take a back seat to your elitist attitude. I guess we are all to blame for what you have become, as it is apparent that you believe some are more equal than others in the "land of the free," where "all men are created equal."