Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Third-class mail exception important

When I questioned my postmaster in Pennsylvania why I was missing my magazines I usually get during my winter stay in Myrtle Beach, he informed me that they have been notified by the postmaster general that they do not have to forward third class mail longer than one month. He said, "After one month we were told we can do anything we want to with that mail." So that means trash it, burn it, take it home and read it, whatever. Wouldn't it have been appropriate that the public be made aware of this change so that they could make other arrangements for that mail when they were away for an extended time?

John Howard

Myrtle Beach


DeLay conviction ethically welcome

The recent conviction and sentencing of Rep. Tom DeLay are rays of hope in an otherwise gloomy political corruption climate. I hope this serves as a wake-up call to other public servants that the Constitution and laws that allow and afford them the right to seek and serve in an office of public trust, also allow and afford "We the people" the right for protection and the seeking of regress against their unlawful acts. "We the people" should never think that our voices cannot be heard and we should never abdicate our powers to a "few" or to those who seek to frighten us away from our inalienable rights.

Bruce D. Rutherford


Cell towers

Flags in disrepair; who's in charge?

There are several cell phone towers in the area flying tattered U.S. and S.C. flags. Who is responsible for seeing the flags are maintained in good repair? It's irreverent and a shame that they're allowed to remain flying in such condition.

Web Williams

Carolina Forest

Arizona shootings

Clyburn's political application wrong

James Clyburn is a disappointment to South Carolina.

Clyburn jumps into the shootings and the killings in Arizona, most notably Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who is fighting for her life, of which he had no knowledge of motive, and gives a statement that was based on a sheriff's statement of opinion and had nothing to do with the case. He should apologize to the Giffords family.

But Rep. Clyburn decided to use this tragedy for political gain by invoking the Rahm Emanuel/Saul Alinsky method of "don't let a crisis go to waste." Now he wants to alter the First and Second Amendments, by reintroducing the Fairness Act, because of talk radio, and Fox News as well as some sort of gun control.

Clyburn's statements about this tragic event were uncalled for and not at all what our state associates with. South Carolina is a very compassionate and reverent state and one that believes in the Constitution and God, which Clyburn has forgotten about in all his years in Washington.

Jack Cruger

Murrells Inlet

Thank you

'Angel' turns in missing wallet

An angel in Barnes & Noble brought me a miracle on New Year's Day. She found my wallet and returned it to the front desk. Since I didn't even know it was missing, when they paged me I immediately thought something terrible had happened. What a great relief it was to know that there are men and women of good will. My heartfelt thanks to her, and may God bless her. Thanks also to the good folks at Barnes & Noble.

Kathleen Klouman

Surfside Beach