Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Political rhetoric

Extreme views of any kind dangerous

I have a question for those readers who enjoy Sarah Palin's political speaking style: "How's that targeting thing on Congresswoman Gabby Giffords workin' out for ya?" I think she's cute, too, but "Reload, don't retreat," is not a slogan we need in the American political arena.

Yes, I do believe that the extreme political rhetoric put forth by Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck day after day on the radio and TV is partly responsible for influencing the shooter in Tucson.

I consider what they do to be political pornography. They are sensationalizing their extreme political views, and demonizing anyone like Gabby Giffords who disagrees with them.

Unfortunately, too many people have been sucked in by these charlatans, and believe, and even act on their every word.

It's sad, because even they will tell you that they are just "entertainers."

And now we have this political assassination.

Dick Withington

Myrtle Beach


Churches can sustain; defeat bill

Defeat Sen. Ray Cleary's bill.

Churches and charities do not need money from gambling to do their ministries.

Legalizing gambling for churches and charities breaks down the morals of the remnant of the church that tries to keep government moral according to the teachings of the Bible. If the morals of the church and the Christian citizens can be changed, the way is paved for legalized gambling to become law in the near future.

The bill being submitted by Sens. Cleary, Glenn McConnell, Brad Hutto and Michael Rose should be defeated before it ever gets to the floor of the legislature or the senate.

Patricia G. Milley



Facial hair?

Were you serious?

Re Lou Ellis letter, "Facial hair, intersection irksome," Jan. 7:

Lou, are you serious? Have you nothing better to do then complain about male facial hair?

My husband looks great with his gray beard, and I'd never ask him to shave it off.

I do not recall anyone ever complaining about the color or length of your hair.

B.A. Stahler