Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


S.C. seems lax on forcing in-state tags

Why do I see many out-of-town tags knowing people have lived in South Carolina as long as me? I moved from Pennsylvania, which I love, but purchased S.C tags with pride at once. Does everyone with out-of-town (state) pay S.C. taxes? I have asked state police, tax assessor, radio shows and many more.

Nobody knows or don't care. Please, someone, let us know.

Maybe South Carolina could move ahead. I heard South Carolina checks vehicles only at schools.

James Martin

Myrtle Beach

Removing items

Recycling center staff flouts rules

Another instance of different rules for different people: I went to a recycling center several months ago with the hopes of finding a bottom drawer slide for an old dresser we had bought. The first center I went to had just what I needed but I was immediately told by an employee that taking things out of the Dumpsters was not allowed and that I had to put it back. I thought that was a strange "recycle" policy, especially since I was going to use it for the exact purpose for which it was intended, but I put it back. (It is now probably rotting in a landfill somewhere, but rules are rules, right?)

I took some papers to the same center last weekend and watched as that same employee and another employee pulled a microwave out of a Dumpster and took it into their little office building. Rules are rules, right?

Cory Armitage