Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Ethics, budget

Obama leads country astray

On Oct. 26, Reuters announced that the United States had slipped to a historic low in the global corruption index, from 19th last year to 22nd this year. It has been less than two years and President Obama's and the Democrats' openness and transparency are really "working." I guess "Yes, We Can" was taken the wrong way. They must have had the arrows on the unemployment chart, the spending chart and the deficit chart turned the wrong way when they made their PowerPoint presentations. The death tax is still with us, the alternative minimum tax will most likely hit another 25 million taxpayers, the Bush tax cuts will most likely expire on Jan. 1, the new health care costs are now hitting, no Social Security increases for the second straight year but with Medicare premiums increasing, and now talk of eliminating most interest deductions (including mortgages). Democrats and Republicans alike will spend no matter what but will never cut back because it is within their nature to spend to the last penny. What is so egregiously wrong with spending within one's means?

Bruce D. Rutherford



Taxing the rich won't pay off for country

To all who want to tax the rich as much as possible, I think that is a great plan.

Maybe at least 60 percent of their income, then let's see how many corporations and companies leave and take their businesses out of the country and how many of these businesses lay off workers, also how many small businesses will close down.

Let's see what the unemployment rate will be next spring.

Have you seen a poor person create a job, or maybe it's the rich?

Dennis Kalos

Myrtle Beach

Family beach?

Nibils departure opens floodgates

Nibils is going! Yippee, yippee. Now we can have Food Lion with its attachment to a new Wal-Mart put up there.

More parking meters. Plans to concrete the ocean in front of the pier for the new runway addition can go forward, too (oops we haven't told the people this one yet).

All this in our "family community." Sad.

Frank Smith

Surfside Beach


Tea party questions dubious facts

Re Reid Johnson letter, "Political right stirs up fear in S.C.," Oct. 30:

I would like to congratulate Johnson on his letter. He used more big words than any other opinion piece I have ever read in The Sun News. It was so elitist it could have been published in the New York Times. Johnson states, "Tea Party Warriors shun simple honesty."

Adding 36 million people to Obamacare will not cost any money; in fact we will save money. Or

If you like your current policy you can keep it. Or

Not one penny of new tax if you make less that $250,000. Or

The fine for not buying health insurance is not a tax.

Dear Mr. Johnson, are these the facts the tea party is ignoring? If you are really against smaller government and lower taxes, I think you should suggest that we hire more government workers to send our tax dollars to dead people and prisoners or to build turtle tunnels, or sidewalks to nowhere.

I do agree with you on one very important fact, however for different reasons. We are both very pleased to have a socialist president. You because you believe that government is the answer to all of our human problems, and I am happy because it will be the last time I will have to endure.

Edward Fox