Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Scott, DeMint put integrity in office

To restore sanity and integrity to our government, vote for Tim Scott and Jim DeMint. These two individuals promote accountability in Congress and the administration as well as in the individual. They oppose the European-style, socialistic welfare state. They will, contrary to perverted statements in The Sun News about DeMint's "thwarting people's interests" and promoting "regressive values," do just the opposite. These two honest individuals insist on controlled spending; open and honest dialogue; an end to government by secret, midnight meetings and appointed czars; support of small businesses and free enterprise; an end to government bailouts and 99-week unemployment benefits; support of our military personnel and a strong national defense; security of our borders; and a pro-life and pro-family environment. If you are dissatisfied with our country's direction under President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, you must vote for DeMint and Scott, for freedom, transparency, accountability, independence and constitutional government.

Randy Bryan

Myrtle Beach

Georgetown county

Horne a voice for homeowners

When Georgetown County citizens received their property reassessments a couple weeks ago, few realized with impact fees and unrelenting millage rates, their property taxes were heading in the wrong direction.

Homeowners need a voice on the Georgetown County Council. I believe Ricky Horne, if elected, will be that voice.

He is a write-in candidate for District 1 and is committed to repealing impact fees, reducing millage rates, smaller government and lower taxes.

R.T. O'Brien

Pawleys Island

State house

Ryan cares about natural resources

One of the reasons I support Republican Kevin Ryan for state House, beyond his conservative stand, is his commitment to conserving our natural resources.

Kevin has been a lifelong hunter and fisherman, and understands the need for wildlife and fisheries sustainability. He understands that our natural resources provide for much of our high quality of living and that thriving natural resources provide economic benefit as well.

Kevin has committed to restoring adequate funding for Department of Natural Resources law enforcement programs, as well as ensuring full funding and continued operation of the State Conservation Bank.

He wants to increase opportunities for citizen participation in wildlife and marine fisheries management decisions.

Yes, we can count on Kevin to oppose wasteful spending and tax increases, which we badly need in Columbia. But we can also count on Kevin to support policies that protect our natural resources for future generations.

Clay Gallup

Pawleys Island

Georgetown county

Honest Oakley gets job done on council

In the 17 years I have lived in Garden City Beach-Murrells Inlet, I have never known a man more honest, sincere and dependable than Jerry Oakley. He is extremely knowledgeable about Georgetown County and its County Council form of government.

Oakley represents the citizens of his district with his undivided attention, his interest, his concerns and, most of all, his enthusiasm for "getting the job done" for this district.

He is highly respected by members of our County Council as is demonstrated by his election to the office of vice chairman.

In my 50 years in public service, I have not met very many men as trustworthy (with an old-time sincere handshake) as Councilman Oakley.

Tom Barrineau Jr.

Murrells Inlet

Horry school board

Greene dedicated, supports teachers

MaryEllen Greene's years of dedicated service to the public school children of Horry County speak well for her re-election to the school board. Mrs. Greene is fiscally responsible, energetic and committed to continuing the phenomenal progress our school district has made in recent years. Having been a professional teacher, she understands and supports the needs of the classroom teachers, who are the ultimate, front-line key to education success. I am proud to support her candidacy for school board.

Lorraine Wachter

Myrtle Beach

Horry school board

Greene works for student achievement

Every now and then, a community is blessed to have a public servant who puts the welfare of others first. That's why we enthusiastically endorse MaryEllen Greene for Horry County School Board. She has demonstrated during her first term that she is a no-nonsense board member who advocates for public education and believes all decisions should be decided by how it will affect student achievement.

MaryEllen has become knowledgeable about the learning conditions in all our schools by visiting them regularly. To encourage parent involvement, she initiated a meeting with Myrtle Beach parents to discuss topics of concern to them. In the Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach, where she was honored as Rotarian of the Year in 2009, she started a program to honor teachers in area schools - her way of showing the business community the caliber of professionals in their schools.

She was elected to the S.C. School Board's Association Board of Directors, the statewide lobbying association for school boards. If she is not re-elected, MaryEllen can't use this position as an advocate for Horry County. MaryEllen is everything you want in a school board member: an advocate for teachers and students, fiscally responsible, a good listener and consensus builder. Help us keep her in a role that utilizes all her heart, soul and skills.

Lineta and Bill Pritchard

Myrtle Beach