Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor


Law unclear about who can hold raffles

What is the difference between an organization and the state holding a raffle? The state lottery is now in the process of holding a raffle. They are selling numbered tickets for a raffle that is going to have two drawings. One is an early bird drawing, and then about a month later a final drawing. They are going to issue prizes that will include two $1 million prizes. Should this be illegal or not? According to the state rules, this should never happen. As far as different organizations and church groups go, some are still holding raffles. One such group was the Greek church during its festival last weekend holding a raffle with cash prizes. They were selling these tickets right at the main entrance as you were going in. Was it wrong and against the present laws as they are now written or not?

If it's OK for one group to do this, then why can't everyone do the same thing? It has to be either right or wrong, or else there is something wrong with the law. Of course we all know that we do not want to be breaking the laws here in Myrtle Beach or anywhere else in this great state.

Jack Correia

Myrtle Beach


Do research before getting inoculated

Many people have been reluctant to receive the H1N1 vaccine so now this is combined with the seasonal flu vaccine. Before being inoculated I suggest researching the ingredients included in any vaccine and searching the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. VAERS (www.vaers.hhs.gov) is a national vaccine safety surveillance program established in 1990 co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration. It collects information about side effects that occur after the administration of vaccines. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 requires health professionals and vaccine manufacturers to report side effects. According to their website, VAERS receives around 30,000 reports annually. Of those, 13 percent are classified as serious (e.g., associated with disability, hospitalization, life-threatening illness or death) and since 1990 VAERS has received more than 200,000 reports.

Ann Dunham

Myrtle Beach

Tom Swatzel

No more negative attacks, please

Once again, Tom Swatzel, Republican county chairman, is appealing to fear and hatred through crude and untrue campaign mailings rather than offering solutions to double-digit unemployment, a public school system undermined by an archaic tax system enabled by his fellow Republicans, and a lack of planning for South Carolina's future.

We are furious about a recent mail piece from the local Republican Party that distorts the truth and an unidentified push-poll phone call, not authorized by the Vida Miller campaign or Democratic Party, that targets the worst in politics. Enough is enough, Tom Swatzel: Stop the negative attacks and deal with the business of your party and the problems of our county.

Our representative, Vida Miller, has always stayed above negative campaign tactics and treats her constituents with the respect we deserve. She has always worked across party lines to the benefit of all her constituents. Negative campaigning is not acceptable in House District 108.

We plan on voting for Vida Miller as she continues to hold her head up high while serving the people of her district. One can only wonder how we would be treated by her opponent if he promotes this hate and fear.

Mr. and Mrs. John Patten

Pawleys Island

State of nation

Previous letter hit the nail on the head

I want to thank Marla Jean Hamby ("Get involved for taxpayers' sake," Oct 2 letter) for one of the best letters I ever read concerning the state of our country. She has nailed it on the head. We have sat back and allowed our government to be run by a socialist all the way. I also am a grandparent. We have lived in the best time ever for America. Hamby's letter says it all. We all need to ask our Lord and savior forgiveness for not doing our part and for allowing this to take place. I pray that in the election we can start a big turn around in the direction our once great country is going.

God bless.

Brad Burdic

North Myrtle Beach