Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Border patrol

Bring military from S. Korea to U.S.

No need to spend millions of tax money for border patrol: Take 10,000 military from the demilitarized zone in Korea. We have 50,000 troops patrolling South Korean borders, but we cannot patrol our own? Is this insane? I served in Korea in 1960. We did not need the military there then, and we don't need to be there 50 years later. Our military is large enough to guard our borders.

Ron Barley

Myrtle Beach

S.C. byways

U.S. 501 corridor to beach embarrassing

Re Larry Zamerski letter, "It's time to act on the road mess," Sept. 20:

This can be accomplished as Zamerski points out by using the resources that are available and some common sense. I sincerely believe if litterers were targeted once a week and it became apparent that littering rules were being enforced, there would be less.

Also, why not promote "Adopt a Highway" sponsors to clean up areas and/or use inmates to clean up the roadways prior to cutting the grass and cut the grass more often.

How about trimming those Bradford pears along U.S. 501 that are salvageable and removing those that are not.

Replace them with trees that offer far more beauty and give a tropical feel - either crape myrtles or palms.

U.S. 501 is probably the biggest gateway to our area and the one on which tourists spend the most time.

Too often, after the visitors have driven along Interstate 95 in North Carolina, which is so nicely maintained year round with lovely trees and wildflowers, to arrive to a welcoming South Carolina, I am embarrassed by the drive on U.S. 501 with roadways that are usually overgrown and littered.

Virginia Marie Griffiths

Myrtle Beach