Letters to the Editor

Bush did well for country

As a person who worked for Cantor Fitzgerald as a young man and spent a 32-year career working on Wall Street, I found something very disturbing in the days before the ninth anniversary of Sept.11, 2001.

A week before the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a number of the major news networks had daily stories of the anniversary of the hurricane coming up. Most of these stories mentioned the failure of the Bush administration in the devastation of the storm.

In the week before the anniversary, of probably the most tragic day in the history of our great country, I did not hear one mention of Sept.11, other than on Fox News.

As someone who was in New York City working that horrible day, who lost 20 friends, who feared his son may have been killed, who realized our country had been blindsided with an attack, I am infuriated and ashamed of the liberal news media of our country.

It seems the liberal media have never missed an opportunity to bash President George W. Bush.

I for one, thank God every day that Bush was president of this great country on Sept. 11, 2001. He and his administration kept this country safe. In my opinion, we need more leaders of President George W. Bush's character, integrity and beliefs.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.