Letters to the Editor

Get involved for taxpayers' sake

I am a 69-year-old grandmother of six. I am disgusted by the lack of responsible government. Democrats and Republicans have thrown taxpaying Americans under the bus. My children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will never be able to pay off this ever-increasing national debt.

Somehow, by some means, the taxpaying public must stop Washington from raising the debt ceiling. Make them stop spending money we don't have.

We desperately need term limits, as our Founders never intended for us to have professional politicians. We should eliminate health care and retirement benefits for congressmen and senators. Term limits would keep them focused on their job, not re-election.

Force the federal employees to take pay cuts to mirror the private sector. Raise their health care deductible to $5,000 and make them fund their own retirement.

Many cities, counties and states have been forced to cut back; the federal government should do the same.

I am as angry about the unionization of our federal employees and their inflated wages and benefits as I am about the bank bailouts, AIG, the auto industry and the huge corporate salaries and bonuses.

I was raised understanding there was no such thing as a free lunch. What has happened? Now there is a huge part of our population thinking they don't have to be responsible for themselves or their families. I am quoting our lieutenant governor: "Never have so many voted for a living instead of earning a living." God expects us to work and feed ourselves. He does not throw bird seed into nests. As responsible taxpaying citizens, we need to be accountable for our inaction, own up to the fact that we have been too busy earning a living and supporting our families and done nothing about what was happening in Washington. We are the silent majority. We cannot continue to be silent. I urge everyone who pays taxes to please get involved. We must take back our country from the special interests. Deny access to the unions, lobbyists and political action committees. Demand real campaign finance reform. If every candidate had the exact same amount of money to spend, the cream would rise to the top. Insist on single-item bills to ensure against hidden pork and agendas, with one item they could actually read them completely.

Instead of a national health care experiment, try four different plans in four different states that are willing to participate and evaluate their successes. If one turns out to actually work, then implement it nationally. Stop Medicare and Medicaid fraud now. Build more jails and make a mandatory five-year sentence for those convicted. Do the same with Social Security and disability fraud.

Illegal immigration means just that: against the law. They are costing me money that I don't want to spend. Force the government to enforce the law. Stimulate the economy, hire buses and planes to take them back to their own country. If they come back, put them in a tent city jail - the entire family, grandma to kids - until they beg to go home.

You must have noticed my taxpayer theme. If you aren't paying taxes, you aren't doing your fair share to pay the costs of the federal and local governments. I would like to see the right to vote changed. To vote, you would have to show your paid tax return and a photo ID. If you aren't contributing, you should have no say in how the money is spent.

It is not right for the government to take my money in the form of my taxes and use it as a charitable contribution to things I don't approve or support. I cannot be the only person as angry as I am. Please get off the sofa, off the golf course, skip bridge and give up your favorite TV show. Join a conservative group before you are outnumbered and your vote really won't matter.

The writer lives in Pawleys Island.