Letters to the Editor

Leadership must get message

Re Castro and Cuba article, Sept. 25:

I am very glad that you chose to publish what I consider the most important international news of the year.

I sincerely hope that our leadership - at all levels, in Washington, D.C. - reads it, especially our president.

As if the economic and social disaster in socialist Europe was not enough, we now have the dean of the western socialist elites announcing loud and clear that after 50 long years of hard trying, socialism does not work.

Laying off 10 percent of the government work force and opening up 84 work areas to private business is a daring step taken by someone who was never a coward or appeaser.

This gesture of Fidel Castro will only make the Cuban leader loom bigger on history's stage. He is man enough to admit failure and change course.

Meanwhile our leftist elites in Washington continue trying to sell us more and bigger government and the destruction of marketplace capitalism under all kinds of excuses.

When will they listen? How long will they persist in the same failed course?

This goes for both Republicans and Democrats, for they are both guilty of the messy economic and social situation our country is in.

Can they learn anything new, or are they so obsessed with their ideological doctrines that they will simply fail to use a radical different approach to solving the problems we face?

Well, maybe it is time for we the people to teach them a lesson by dumping them all in November and in 2012.

The writer lives in Murrells Inlet.