Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor

Tea party members

Labeling group as haters is wrong

Re Patrick Westmoreland letter, "Tea party thrives on hatred," Sept. 28:

As the voting tsunami on Nov. 2 and its apparent change of power in Washington gets closer, the Left is getting more and more desperate. In their attempts to derail the tea party's momentum, they have unsuccessfully tried to label us as racist, violent, anti-Muslim and now haters. Taking a few words completely out of context and using them to label Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin as haters is not only desperate but silly. By using Westmoreland's method of proof, we could also claim that women smoked in Biblical times. The Bible clearly states that "Rachel lit off a camel," but that claim would be just as silly as his. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them evil.

If Westmoreland wants to see a "hater," he should simply look in the mirror.

Ralph L. Billeter Sr.


Nibils restaurant

Eatery a favorite for locals, tourists alike

I, like so many, have been going to Nibils restaurant for many years. I own a condo in Murrells Inlet and live in Surfside Beach. The proposed new bid of the Nibils restaurant when the lease expires is the law and how the lease was written. However, this quaint little restaurant is the staple on the beach. It is the place for friends to go for a great breakfast who come from out of town. Many enjoy their dinners there as well. To have an outsider come and try to change this would not be the same great Irish theme that envelops this establishment ... and you don't have to be Irish to have a little "nibble."

Susan Kenny

Surfside Beach