Letters to the Editor

County doesn't clean up parkway

Re Larry Zamerski letter, "It's time to act on the road mess," Sept. 20:

The writer was right on with the condition of our roadways. One fine example is: Travel down the $70 million Robert Edge Parkway, and you will see how deplorable the county has let that become. This road has only been open for a little over one year, and to see it in that condition just makes one sick. Grass in some areas is over 2 feet high, and then when it is time to cut, the trash is just mowed over and left there. If the upkeep is contracted out, then the county should pull that contract immediately and put the county workers back to work. I see county trucks traveling that road and also S.C. 31, and do you think that one of them would stop to pick up dead animal carcasses, cans, bottles and, most of all, pieces of truck tires? Can you imagine a motorcycle rider riding down one of the major roadways at night and hitting large pieces of truck tire that no one bothered to stop and pick up? There is no excuse to have a beautiful road built and not have a worthwhile maintenance contract built into it. My wife and I couldn't wait till the Robert Edge Parkway was finished, but now I wish it wasn't even built. I would be ashamed to have my name associated with that roadway.

On the other hand, a driver crosses over the Main Street Bridge into North Myrtle Beach, and it is absolutely beautiful. North Myrtle Beach city workers should be congratulated on the way this entrance to the city is kept up and presented to everyone entering the city. In fact, the city should place a sign entering and leaving the city of North Myrtle Beach to make that distinction between city and county. The city did their homework and budgeted the maintenance upkeep on this new section, but apparently the county did not.

The writer lives in Longs.