Letters to the Editor

Letter typical of liberals

How typical of the ivory tower crowd of those whose specialty ends in "ology" to denigrate tea party advocates and twist their stand for less government intrusion into a warning of First Amendment and Bill of Rights restrictions. The latest example of this can be found in Jason Eastman's diatribe ("Be skeptical of fearmongers," Sept. 13), which contains the usual "talking points" one hears from the left, liberal elite who are overly represented in our universities.

Name calling, false premises and angry rhetoric are the norm of those who have nothing positive or persuasive to say about their take on the issues of the day. Those who see nothing good in our capitalistic system use every negative to paint those who oppose the slide toward socialism as "fear mongering," doing the bidding of "their corporate puppet masters" and beholden to "corporate advertisement rights" and the "prison-industrial complex." Get the picture?

Why is it that these proponents of good will and social justice constantly play the race card when arguing their point? Are we forever to be categorized by color if groups of citizens unite for a common interest? Who is spewing the hatred - calling others sociopaths and schizophrenic whose political views differ from their own. Those who formulate this type of resentment for fellow citizens who peacefully organize to express their fundamental right to dissent are using the "fear and bigotry" mantra they say they so abhor.

Be skeptical of these "ology" experts - they are good at influencing a captive audience, but the world teaches otherwise.

The writer lives in Carolina Shores, N.C.